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Retaining Walls – Modular Concrete Block

Modular Concrete Masonry blocks have stood the test of time as a core building material for retaining walls.  They are solid and stable, plus they need little or no maintenance and do not rot in areas like Minnesota where snow and rain are imment.  They will not decay due to excessive moisture.
They are used for their strength and give performance to landscaped areas.

Curved Retaining Wall

Highland Wall Stone

You don't need to worry about colors fading because the color pigment is part of the block.

If it is to retain earth or create more yard space, you will want to match the block design to your home's exterior design.  If it is to create a layered landscaped look, then it is less about the walls and more about the landscaping design put in after the installation.

Straight Retaining Wall

Free Standing Highland Wall


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